Horrendous and Superstitious Whaling Practices Uncovered in the Faroe Islands

A discovery into atrocious, unlawful and superstitious whaling practices has been made in the Faroe Islands by two activists.

The two activists, who guised themselves as fishermen, found no less than one pilot whale being hunted on the island of Sandoy.

Talking about their witnessing of the hunt, they termed it as something horrifying.

Giving details of the same, they said that at first, the peapod of pilot whales that was driven to the town was really big to have been killed in just one sitting by the town’s populace that mainly comprised senior citizens.

Consequently, the whales were slaughtered in a matter of two days.

On the second day, when the whales had to be slaughtered, they were tied via their tails to the boats, which is against the law.

As informed by the activists, the captive whales thrashed all night out of panic, as they desired to reach for their family members.

After suffering for the whole night in blood red water whilst being tied to the end of boats, the rest of the whales were murdered on the subsequent day.

It has been challenged by the island dwellers that pilot whales hunting is a customary practice that has no commercial façade to it.