Surrey Man’s Accomplice Pleads Guilty: Sentenced to 10 years Imprisonment

A man from California, who is an accomplice to a Surrey man’s cross-border drug peddling act, has been imprisoned to 10 years in jail after he pled culpable to the crime.

In the previous week, U. S. District Judge Ricardo S. Martinez sentenced Jose Cortez-Munoz, of Anaheim, California, for attempting to smuggle 20 kilograms of pure methamphetamine into B. C. from California.

As per the filed credentials regarding the case, Cortez-Munoz, who is a Mexico citizen, who had been unlawfully living in the U. S. and Pritam Malhi from Surrey, had been taken under arrest by the U. S. drug inspectors in Washington, in the previous December with two more conspirators.

The drug agents were able to discover 21 zip-lock bags of meth in the rear section of the van, which Malhi had been driving.

While the trial was going on, Lisca Borichewski, an attorney in the United States demanded long jail term, making a note that Cortez-Munoz was involved in many other criminal acts that just drug peddling.

She informed that he would organize a transaction between the U. S. and the Canadian couriers, in order to transport the drugs.

In the month of March, Malhi pled guilty to the crimes of distributing meth and possessing them.