Lover Starts Breast Cancer Support Website in Memory of Beloved

Author of Eighteen Months: A Love Story Interrupted, Alan Simons has started a website by the name Breast Cancer, In Loving Memory.

It is aimed at those, who have lost someone to breast cancer. They can express their feelings freely on the website. Simons told QMI Agency that women are comparatively more outgoing when it comes to showing emotions. Men are a little shy in revealing their feelings.

After he released a memoir in relation to losing his partner to breast cancer, he started receiving letters from men asking him to meet.

Simons said, "There was a pattern that came out of these meetings. They started telling me about their stories. It was quite emotional. I didn't realize this would happen. ... So I resolved to open a door for them".

After enjoying a blissful relationship that lasted for 18 months, his wife succumbed to death because of breast cancer. In spite of the short duration of their association, Simons says that he received a lot in return.

Simons, himself is a cancer survivor. When the couple had met, she was in remission, but few months later her cancer returned.