E. coli Contamination Number Rises to 14

The number of cases, related to E. coli contamination, has risen to fourteen in Dollingstown. The news has come to light after children who were at the Holly House nursery were screened.

The two new cases, which have been reported, are not seriously ill. Further, none of the reported cases with the sickness have yet required to be hospitalized.

At the same time, Holly House nursery has remained closed till date, citing precautionary reasons for the spread of the infection. Holly House nursery has further stated that they have temporarily closed for the safety of the health of the children and the staff.

A Spokesperson for the Public Health Agency (PHA) further advised families regarding precautionary methods through which the spread of infection can be reduced; they further informed that cases can also be reported through household transmission.

Food being served at Holly House nursery has been tested and there is no sign of the E. coli strain in the food samples that have undergone the tests.

It has been found that E. coli infections usually break after consumption of food or water that are contaminated or after coming in contact with an animal, which has been infected with the deadly E. coli strain.