People Suffer Eye Irritations at Adelaide Show

In what seems to be anything but ordinary, a freak incident took place at the Adelaide show. It was found that most of the people at the Adelaide show complained of eye irritation, runny eyes and redness after witnessing the dairy cattle pavilion.

The shocked and unsuspecting people could not understand as to what could have caused the irritation in the eyes. Some of the people who suffered eye irritation had to be temporarily kept under hospital care as well.

David Fechner, Chairman, dairy cattle section was one of the few people who suffered the most because of the eye irritation. Mr. Fechner had to be admitted in a hospital for a short duration of time after his eye irritation got worse and did not show any signs of improvement.

Mr. Fechner was stated as saying as if his eyes had sand, grit and gravel on his eyes. Mr. Fechner, however, did not know that many people who had visited the dairy cattle pavilion at the show suffered the eye irritation.

The site of the dairy cattle show pavilion has been closed temporarily until further notice and the judging of the dairy cattle would take place from another location. The officials though have not been able to understand the reason the eye irritation among people.