Dell Streak owners angry over Android 2.1 upgrade

Owners of Dell's tablet-cum-mobile phone, the Dell Streak, have been complaining that the recent Android 2.1 update from O2 UK caused them problems as it removed more features than added.

The 5-inch Dell Streak tablet comes with Windows Media Video playback, PC sync and Facebook widget. Owners of the Dell Streak said the Android 2.1 update erased these widgets.

In addition, the update reportedly deleted some application along with personal data. To add to the problem, data restores do not seem to be working.

One of the annoyed Streak owner wrote on the O2 forum, “My tablet no longer does this. I am going to give o2 a couple of days to let the dust settle and then I am going to demand a replacement i phone 4 i would think.”

O2 had rolled out the software update claiming that it would add several new and striking features to the device. The software was expected to enhance the performance of the device by bringing support for HTML 5, an improved on-screen virtual keyboard, high definition video recording capabilities and pinch-to-zoom capabilities for Google Maps to the device.

The company has also advocated that owners of the Dell Streak should create back-ups of the data on their devices before receiving the update as the update would wipe away all the data on the device.

Mobile operator O2 UK had launched the Dell Streak with Android 1.6 operating system, but it had promised that the device would receive Android 2.1 update soon, which was rolled out on Monday.