Charges Against Fiji High Chief Ro Teimumu Kepa Dropped by DPP

The charges relating to a conspiracy have been dropped against the supreme chief of Rewa province, the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa by Fiji's Director of Public Prosecutions Office.

Ro Teimumu was accused of making contentious statements and was charged under conspiracy act. But, she has been relieved of the charges by the appellant, as told by FBC News.

The information was provided to FBC News by DPP on September 8. She nodded to an unlawful action, which landed her in trouble.

Following the charges, she was arrested last year. Despite the Government annulling the approval for the annual conference in Rewa that was to be held by the Methodist church members, Ro Teimumu stated that the Burebasaga confederacy and the province of Rewa welcomed the annual conference by the Methodist church members.

The yearly conference has been prohibited by the interim Government till 2014.