Green Tea Producers Receive Warning from FDA Against Health Claims

Producers of two well known brand names, producing green tea drinks, have received a word of warning from the Food and Drug Administration, concerning making claims of the supposed nutritional values in the manufactured drinks.

The steps taken by the FDA is part of tightening rules for manufacturers to be vigilant and not misguide consumers relating the constituents that a food or drink item possesses.

In the letter forwarded to Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, the FDA mentioned that the firm's Canada Dry Sparkling Green Tea Ginger Ale misleadingly placed claims that the drink was full of nutritional values with antioxidants.

The FDA stated that the drink is a carbonated one, thus, it falls under the snack food category, and so, the beverage cannot assert to possess nutritional values.

In addition to that, in the letter it was stated that ingredients asserting to have antioxidants are in actuality not nutrients with the identified antioxidant activity.

It was also informed by the FDA that a site operating for Unilever Inc.'s Lipton Green Tea 100% Naturally Decaffeinated made claims to reduce cholesterol in people suffering high risk of heart ailments.

The FDA said that the firm's description regarding the contents of tea did not fulfill the regulations stated under the bylaw set by the FDA.