Medical Experts Say Dental Sealants Having BPA Are Safe to Use

Many mothers are skeptical about the use of dental sealants and `white' fillings, which are used to fill the cavities in teeth in children. They fear that the sealants contain some compounds which break down into BPA, when they come in contact with the saliva and can be harmful for health.

BPA or Bisphenol A is a toxic chemical, which is used in plastics, baby bottles, and many food and drink containers.

To clear the doubts of the concerned mothers, paediatric endocrinologist, Abby F. Fleisch, who is the MD of the Children's Hospital, Boston, studied the scientific evidence. He then derived two conclusions: firstly, the BPA is formed after the application of the sealants and fillings; it is generally detected three hours after the whole dental procedure. But whether the sealants cause any harm to the health is not clear.

Secondly, the risk if any can be decreased by properly cleaning the residue after the completion of the procedure.

Dr. Fleisch also said that the sealants and fillings can be used, but with some precautionary application methods.

The medical experts after going through the scientific literature for the report found that the benefits of using sealants was more than the risk factors posed by small exposure to BPA.

The report also warned that pregnant woman should get their dental work done after the delivery of the child.