Oracle unveils the Netra Servers

The recent addition in form of default plug-ins comes in offering of Sun Microsystems highly successful Netra brand, which has been added on Oracle based product line.

The latest range of Netra servers has been specifically developed to suit the needs of telecom sector, aiding in managing of the ever-increasing data on their network and at the same time proffers high-end services to users.

The line extension of the products comes in form of two servers, Sun Netra CP3270 ATCA Server that essentially is an x86 blade server which offers 32GB of memory storage and is developed to offer a better experience for apps. The server runs on low power and has lesser cooling needs, which helps in cutting costs.

On the flip side Sun Netra X4270 Server, works smoothly with up to eight processors and 18 DIMM slots; and the server works with Oracle OSes (Solaris, VM and Enterprise Linux) and other virtualization based infrastructure software.

Dan Ford, the vice president for product marketing at Oracle communications said, "Communications service providers are under constant pressure to increase operational efficiency and maximize revenue."