Binge Drinking Becoming Serious Problem; Behavior Change Needed

Problem of binge drinking is growing high, particularly amongst the young people and adults. It is being comprehensively shown in the media, almost every day, including various incidents of men indulging in a scuffle or innocent people on streets being harassed by these drunken people.

Binge drinking does not only pose threat to the people around and the society as a whole, but it also affects the person who is involved in drinking. A survey had been conducted recently that included 2,000 adults aged between
18 to 24 years.

This ICM poll showed that more than one third of the total adults go out just to get drunk completely. This population constituted 36% of the total questioned adults, and out of every four, one of them said that he or she does not know how they reached back to their home. Also, one out of every 25 believed that it was not a big problem to open their eyes and see them lying in the hospital.

Every fifth person in the survey admitted that he or she had an alcohol-fuelled one-night stand as well. Now, the Government has planned of a different way to tackle this problem, which says to bring a change in the behavior of these adults.

Home Secretary Theresa May said, "These worrying statistics are further evidence that the benefits promised by the 24-hour drinking 'cafe culture' have failed to materialize".