Unknown Gas Leaks from the Surrey Waste Transfer Facility

A waste transfer facility in Surrey, B. C., was closed after it was revealed that an unknown gas has leaked in the plant.

As many as nine employees were taken out of the facility when they complaint of headache, breathing problem and burning sensation in their throats.

Joe Deluca, who is the Assistant Fire Chief in Surrey, said that as soon as the workers came out of the building they felt better.

He further said that the fire department people have been called to examine the source of irritation.

Lorne West, who is Surrey fire battalion Chief, stated that the firefighter team and hazardous materials experts came to inspect the recycle plant. The team was equipped with chemical and gas detectors. They couldn’t identify the gas, which created havoc in the facility.

West also said that no work will be done in the Surrey site, until the hazardous materials specialists complete the assessment of the facility.

Deluca also mentioned that the leakage of the gas happened when an automatic garbage mover was shifting the trash around. The mover broke the container having the gas and the vapours of the gas spread in the atmosphere.

The medical team examined the affected staff members and no one was hospitalised.