OJD Rules Receives an Overhaul

The Sheepmeat Council of Australia and WoolProducers are reported to have announced a spate of changes introduced to the nation's OJD Prevalence Areas, which include variations to Victoria, Western Australia and parts of NSW as well.

The producers have reported to abide with the new ovine Johne's disease rules from January 1. These changes are deemed to be highly necessary to shield the integrity of the Assurance Based Credit scheme.

The national Animal Health Committee has granted its approval to make medium prevalence part of Victoria to a podium similar to a high prevalence area and the low prevalence area to a medium prevalence area, posted Council President Kate Joseph.

In addition, other variations include a facelift for all medium prevalence area boundaries and low prevalence area boundaries present in NSW. However, prevalence areas in Queensland, South Australia or Tasmania would witness any changes.

"SCA is concerned about the potential ramifications these changes may have on both within state trade and interstate trade but is also very concerned about OJD spreading insidiously through the Australian sheep population", he outlined.

In a view to shield flocks for OJD, producers had been called on to resort to required precautionary measures and management steps, posted WoolProducers Australia president Don Hamblin.