Healthy Living Being Encouraged in Sembawang

Healthy living it seems has come out to be a top priority among grassroots political leaders in Marsiling. GRC will soon be launching a new health program, which would help residents in keeping a check on their obesity levels.

In efforts to imbibe healthy living habits among the residents, a Health Champion Group had been introduced to the people residing in Marsiling eight months ago.

The residents were taught, informed and advised ways to live a healthy life, residents were also taught how to read their diabetes and cholesterol reports.

Hawazi Daipi who is the GRC MP of Sembawang, stated that the programme would be rolled out to all the ethnic groups

The project has been led by The Indian Activity Executive Committee and the Senior Executive Committee. SR Prasad, Chairman, The Indian Executive Committee, informed that it was difficult to rope in mainstream leaders into the programme.

Lui Tuck Yew, who is the current acting Minister for Information, Communications and Arts, would inaugurate the project on the 26th of September, 2010 when he will be on a ministerial visit to the constituency.

Mr. Hawazi further informed that there have been other projects which are underway in order to help the elderly residents of Marsiling. He started a project known as Elderly in Your Estate (Eyes), which was started to help the elderly at rental accommodations with supplies of food.