Health Trusts’ Spending of £300m on Management Consultants Comprised Other Charges as Well

It was reported last year that health trusts had splurged over £300m on management consultants, but it is claimed that they didn't do that in reality. The number that the reporters were given involved other expenditures also, like legal and financial counsel, architect charges and PR support.

It is imperative that accurate data should be offered to the public. The mode of gathering of data should be perked up by the NHS and Department of Health. Also, the National Audit Office should call for the public sector organisations to take on reliable definitions and reporting standards.

If for a minute this figure is accurate, it still accounts for about 0.3% of the NHS's budget of more than £100bn. The story failed to mention about the important advantages that this expenditure brought along for patients and taxpayers. It missed to see when it said that the payments were "enough to pay for 10,000 nurses", as it did not include the consultation fees.

Though this amount is not small, it certainly indicates that NHS spending in this sector is well controlled and targeted. A lot of NHS organisations have confirmed it.

In a report, Lansley asserted that he is "staggered by the scale of the expenditure on management consultants in the NHS".