Men Possess More Anomalies of Mild Cognitive Impairment than Women

As per a U. S. study, the cases of cognitive impairment lead to momentary memory lapse or senior moments are prevalent among elderly men more than in women.

The study appeared online in the journal Neurology. The findings are based on the analysis of randomly selected 2000 elderly people from Olmsted County, Minnesota, which is an outcome of efforts of researchers from the Mayo Alzheimer's Disease Research Center in Rochester, Minnesota.

They studied the mild cognitive impairment among men and women and it was found that 19% of the men aged 70 to 89 years were affected by this ailment; the figure was 14% in women. The disorder lies between normal forgetfulness and dementia.

Other factors like education, age, and diseases like diabetes and hypertension were also taken into consideration and one fourth of men possessed higher anomalies regarding mild cognitive impairment than women.

Dr. Ronald Petersn, the lead researcher, said, "Not everyone with mild cognitive impairment develops dementia but some people do which makes it a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease".

The researchers also found out that the elderly people with a good educational background had less cognitive problems than others. But, no specific reasons have been discovered for the association between elderly men and risk of cognitive impairment.

Peterson also cited the lifestyle followed a major reason for forgetfulness or dementia. So, he suggested being social, having entertainment breaks, taking healthy diet and following physical activity to check the cognitive symptoms.