Christchurch to Receive Extra Supplies

In order to increase number of supplies reaching the earthquake torn city Christchurch, Kiwirail has decided to add an extra freight to its services being offered from Auckland.

It has further been informed by Kevin Ramshaw, Public Affairs Manager; KiwiRail that predominantly all rail services to Christchurch will start their operations from tomorrow; though, with restrictions regarding the speed limit.

Lines between West of Otira and between Otira and Christchurch are likely to be open to rail traffic by afternoon, though speed restrictions would be in place on these lines as well.

KiwiRail, though who have come out to assist the earthquake torn city themselves are still facing trouble as their main north line, which is North of Christchurch has come under extensive damage on a four kilometer stretch in the Kaiakoi area.

Due to the extensive damage in the Kaiakoi area, freight has to be off-loaded at Rangiora and transported by road to Christchurch, which is 30km away.

In a further development, 4000 people residing in Canterbury faced more difficulties as electricity supply could not be restored in the region. Orion, company responsible for electricity supply to Canterbury though stated that they would hopefully be able to supply power to a 1,000 people by tonight.