200mm of Rainfall Adds To the Worries of Rural Organization

Fresh reports about the damage caused by the earthquake to Canterbury's farming infrastructure have made the Federated Farmers organization worried.

The organization is collecting the reports about the damaged farm at its 0800 327646 number.

Besides damage to residential buildings, the pastures, fences, races and tracks along with the ground water infrastructure had also got damaged significantly.

According to one of the call received from the member, 100 meters wide pit has been formed running throughout of his land. At some places the land has been pushed up by 3 meters, while at other places very big cracks in the ground have surfaced, making it unsafe for grazing.

Adding to worries, the rain had caused the levels to rise in the major Canterbury Rivers such as Rangitata, Rakaia, Waimakariri, Hurunui and Waiau, forcing the people to evacuate the land.

Yesterday Alpine Divine has received about 200 mm of rainfall.

According to Agriculture Minister David Carter during his visit to the west of Christchurch about 150 farms have suffered severe damage.

He said," "In true Kiwi spirit many of these farmers are not only dealing with damage to their own properties, but they're also helping out their neighbors".

According to Federated Farmers around 3,500 customers are without power supply.

He added that the dairy farms are sharing generators and in only one shed 400 cows are milking over 2000lts in a day.

He highlighted the co-operation and understanding with which rural communities are working together in such circumstances.