Israeli Researchers Hails Development of New HIV Treatment

Researchers from Israel are reported to have recently designed a new treatment for HIV infection. The treatment by the team is claimed to bring a revolution in the treatment scenario for AIDS, which presently focuses on controlling the growth of HIV virus, the Haaretz newspaper posted on Friday.

According to the World Health Organization over 33.4 million people are engulfed by the deadly Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

A report published recently in the latest edition of the peer-reviewed British journal--AIDS Research and Therapy has claimed that the new treatment works by destroying AIDS infected cells without wiping out the adjacent healthy cells.

The novel treatment is based on the use of peptides, or short protein segments, which boosts the growth of the malignant virus once it is injected in the human cell thereby resulting in the self-destruction of the infected cells.

The study hailing involvement of Loyter, Aviad Levin, Zvi Hayouka, and Assaf Friedler is reported to have filed for a patent for their treatment for their treatment. However, the procedure is yet to be tested on animals and human beings.

The novel treatment specifically triggers destruction of HIV-1 infected cells and is claimed to be eventually emerged as a new and general anti-viral therapy.