Aussie Medical Team Lends Its Support in Pakistan

An Australian medical team including doctors, nurses and paramedics working to provide medical assistance to victims of the flood ridden areas in Pakistan has claimed that it is presently treating over more than 170 patients every day.

The medical team hails 10 people from the Northern Territory, five from Western Australia and one each from Victoria and Queensland.

The team is working in the town of Kot Addu in southern Pakistan.

The team working epitomizes sheer hardworking and is facing tough conditions there, Len Notaras, at the National Trauma Response Centre in Australia where the team underwent their training.

"They're working from 6 in the morning through until 8 at night. The temperatures have been reported as extreme. The day temperatures are somewhere in the vicinity of 38 to 45 degrees and the evening temperature is somewhere around the 33 to 34 degree mark", he posted.

Pakistan is now on the verge of entering the fourth week in flood, and millions of Pakistan inhabitants are claimed to be surviving devoid of food and shelter across the country.

According to the figures for the past three weeks, the death toll has touched 1,600 people and is claimed to be rising.