Google open-source Wave in a ‘Box’

Google’s cloud-based social networking service, Google Wave, will be released as an open-sourced package.

The search giant said it would open-source around 200,000 line of Wave code, including functionality like character-by-character live typing.

Google also declared that in spite of Wave’s end as a Google application, its open-source code would keep on to be developed into a fully functional application available to anybody with the desire to host it.

Google software engineer Alex North said that they were planning to release "Wave in a box" to allow server administrators to use and quickly deploy it where they see fit.

Commenting on the plans, Mr. North said, “We intend to give developers and enterprising users an opportunity to run wave servers and host waves on their own hardware.”

Mr. North added that Wave in a box would be a fully functional application, but it future would depend on developers and enterprising users’ contributions.

Wave in a Box will come as a relief for those developers who have already infused up their Waves with different extensions and third-party modifications as the package will provide full support for gadget, robot as well as data APIs.