Invisible Bras Set to Be a Fad Amongst Women Dreaming to Get Two Beautiful Assets

Breast implants are a passé, since scientists have brought a new form of the two asset enhancers’ technique, which they have named as ‘invisible bra’ that can be worn under the skin.

Breform, which is the internal bra system, is a soft sponge-like element that is placed under the skin and looks similar to wearing a bra, that too, without having to go through breast implant surgery that enhances the breasts.

The polyester mesh that is in the shape of a cone is placed under the skin of breast and then affixed with stitches to a layer of fat that is above the breast tissue.

This may be a good option for a lot of women, but definitely does not come at an easy price, since a woman will have to shell out 5,900 pounds for the ‘invisible bras’.

Fiona Court, Consultant from Nuffield Health said that the invisible bras work after the mesh is attached to the chest wall.

Quoting Court, the Daily Mail informed that with time, gravity and pressures on the tissue in the skin stretch, and boobs droop. The Breform helps support the breast tissue into the new position.

Also, Court said that the internal bra might be a good option for those who have gone through radiotherapy.