More than 100,000 Young Women Come Forward to Seek Protection against HPV Virus

According to news reports, the HPV vaccination programme that was initiated to shield girls and young women from developing cervical cancer in the future has attained a landmark. It is accounted that over 100,000 young New Zealand women have decided to get themselves inoculated.

The third dose of the HPV Vaccination Programme is going to be doled out by the West Coast District Health Board at interested schools, together with a clinic in Hokitika.

It is said that the Cervical Cancer Vaccination programme is a success only if you complete the three dose requirement. If by chance, you have to relocate to some other region, then you should consult your local GP who can help in the administration of the third vaccination.

It is claimed that this vaccination offers long-lasting defence against the HPV virus, sometimes even for the whole life. Those women who are born in 1990 and 1991 have time till 31 December, 2011, to go in for the HPV vaccination programme. While those who were born from 1992 onwards, can begin with the immunisation programme when they turn twenty.

The HPV inoculation programme will be offered through General Practitioners, Rural Health Clinics and Family Planning as well.