Food Wastage List Topped By Scotts

As per a supermarket census, which is due to be out today, people in Scotland have confessed to be wasting no less than £500 worth of food each year.

The items that are more often than disposed of by shoppers in Scotland are breads, salads and bananas.

The Waitrose survey exposed the reality about Scotts, who throw away £460 worth grocery, which is higher than the standard food amount discarded by Brits.

A majority of people in Scotland admitted that each week the food item that they threw the most was milk.

About 86% people in the nation said that they threw away food a couple of times each week.

A mere 34% informed that they recycled food waste instead of discarding it.

Then, 67% said that they could not recycle wasted food since they did not have sufficient facilities to do so.

The announcement of results was made by Waitrose, in order to make people aware of HRH, the Prince of Wales' novel initiative, www. startuk. org, which works with the goal to encourage people to be more responsible and manage living in a sustainable manner.

Today will begin the campaign in Glasgow.

But Scotts are trying to mend their ways at saving leftovers for the subsequent day.