Morrisons is Set to Challenge Bigger Supermarket Rivals

Chief Executive of Morrisons, Dalton Philips is going to launch an attack on the online grocery market this week, challenging the bigger supermarket rivals, Tesco and Asda.

Since his arrival in March, he will give his first big presentation to the City in which he will talk about launching an internet trial in numerous stores, which would have a nationwide network.

In his presentation, which is to be revealed on Thursday, he will first throw some light on Ocado. Morrisons is not a successful grocery delivery firm as yet, but it has confirmed that its sales have increased as compared to last year.

The planning of Morrisons will increase pressure on Marc Bolland, who is the Head of Marks & Spencer, to talk about the entrance of the Company into the online food delivery market in his first strategy presentation, which he has planned to deliver in November.

Grocery market is dominated by Tesco with £5billion-a-year online sales and Asda is on the second number. Waitrose and Sainsbury also experience good business, every year.

Internet grocery market has struggled to reach up to such a high level, despite its small size. A warning has been issued by analysts that competitors could lose their regular customers, if they fail to join the market.