Testosterone Promotes Friendly and Reasonable Behavior - Study

The "macho hormone" testosterone has been found to actually promote friendly and reasonable behavior by a recent study, which involved scientists giving the subjects a pill to boost their testosterone levels. The pill made the subjects act in a "friendly and altruistic way".

The research, part of which was carried out at the Royal Holloway Hospital, north London, has been able to dispel the long standing myth, which is sometimes also used as a court argument, that the male hormone is responsible for promoting aggressive and ruthless mannerisms.

"This shows that the popular belief that testosterone makes you aggressive is inaccurate. people use it as an excuse. It appears that it is not testosterone itself that induces aggressiveness, but rather the myth surrounding the hormone", said researcher Michael Naef.

For the sake of study as many as 121 volunteers were rounded up and divided into two groups, and while one group was given a testosterone pill, the other half received a placebo, without revealing to anyone that which one was getting which. The conclusions were then drawn based on the subjects' behavior at a game which allowed both fair and unfair rules for playing.

Details of the study have been published in the journal Nature.