Humane Society on a Changed Track

The Hiawatha Animal Humane Society seems to have taken an appropriate path, spending a lot of time in adorning the crossroads.

The group is reported to have found over 16 foster homes in the county and Wisconsin. Besides, the society is in full swing to connect with those who want pets. It has adopted mediums like social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, and has been putting up lost and found posters of pets across the area.

Presently, the group is said to be a part of Southeast Minnesota Animal Welfare Coalition, which convenes monthly tabling to share incidents and comes up with ways to address the same.

In addition, Humane Society Silicon Valley is reported to be organizing a promotional event called "My Buddy & Me". With this event, it offers two animals of the same species at a price of one, through Sept. 12.

As per the recent figures, the group has worked with over 127 pets in 2008 and 194 in 2009. It also aims to expand its sphere this year.

The group boasts of its hard working team of over 200 members. All the work is done by volunteers. Memberships, adoption fees, fundraisers and donations have been serving as a financial backup for the group.