'Fill the Boot' Hails $103K Fundraising for MDA

Numerous firefighters were witnessed lending a helping hand for a noble task. Hundreds of firefighters were reported to have voluntarily participated in the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s annual “Fill the Boot” fundraising event held, on Friday.

The event is reported to have raised more than $103,000 fund for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

A boot drive was held, which ended in a collection of over $2,000 for the WSAZ's annual MDA Telethon.

In addition, this year’s fundraising event witnessed a spate of new changes, including loss of the use of on-duty fire crews or city tools that stood at a worth more than $500. However, these changes have posed a negligible effect on the entire event courtesy, the residents of Eagle River, Anchorage and Girdwood, who have extended their full assistance.

Firefighters expressed their sheer honor and thankfulness to those who offered donations and made the fundraising a success.

WSAZ's annual MDA Telethon is slated to start at 11:35 p. m., on Sunday. However, WSAZ is scheduled to air on Monday.

For those, who have been unable to make their donations on Friday, and would like to make it, can always do it during the MDA Labor Day Telethon, on Channel 2.