Amazon might release Video Subscription Service

Amazon will soon be unveiling the latest platform of its web-based video subscription service and at same time is in talks with media houses such as Time Warner.

According to well placed sources, Bloomberg reports claim that the online retail giant will soon be offering a monthly subscription based video service, which will offer old movies and TV shows.

Bloomberg further added the talks were in a very early stage to be commented upon, in addition to the fact Amazon has also is in talks with Viacom and NBC Universal for the video subscription service.

The Wall Street Journal claims that Amazon will soon be offering rival services from Netflix along with the highly anticipated Google TV service.

It was further stated by the report that Amazon service will come in directly from web browsers, internet-ready TV sets, Bluray players and the popular Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console.

The news was further corroborated as matter of potential partnership that might come in handy for Apple and Netflix.