Sony soon to unveil iTunes rival

Sony soon to release the latest music and video service to help compete against Apple's globally acclaimed iTunes.

The Japanese biggie has unveiled the web based music and video service based on IFA technology which is based in Berlin, Germany starting September 3rd and 8th.

The proclamation has been initiated soon before Apple's chief Steve Jobs will cope with musical event for the press fraternity in San Francisco, California where it is stated that offers a pile of media-centric services and products.

Financial Times reported: "Sony would use its PlayStation games consoles for a new service that users will be able to use across a range of Internet-connected devices including Walkman music players, Vaio computers, Bravia TVs, Blu-ray players and Sony Ericsson mobile phones."

Sony's soon to be released music service will be offered on music subscriptions on the PSP and PS3 in the upcoming year, which soon will be replaced by its non-functional music service, Connect.

The firm aides to expand the music service to other web enabled devices to be released in future.