Royal Mail Keep Up as Top in Business

The Royal Mail, the national postal service in the UK, introduced a new technology in its system, launching a new stamp that can present online contents, when read by a smartphone. The smartphones require no special software to undergo such a task, as the stamp can be read by conventional software applications. The new stamp is supported by the iPhones and Google's Android.

Despite the new 'smart' stamp, Royal Mail has always been leading in the business of postal delivery. The accurate system and the detail oriented network resulted in such reputation, on the international level.

Royal Mail depends on staff of 140,000 workers who manage to do around 75 million letters delivery by trains, trucks and bicycles, to more than 28 million destinations on a daily basis. The users of the postal service face one single problem, which is the continuously rising price of the stamps. As a result, the customer ends up paying more, for sending a letter or a parcel within the premises of the same city, than for sending the letter in any part of the country.

However, Royal Mail guarantees that the customer would be paying the same price for the stamp, regardless of the destination. The stamp currently costs 41 p, which is much more than the stamp cost earlier, at the times of Charles I when the Royal Mail started its business.