Celebrate International Beard Day!

It’s time for celebration for those who are fan of keeping a beard and trying different styles or who desire that they should have one, as it is International Beard Day today.

Yesterday, there was a long queue at King Street Barber Shop of the people with beards to get them trimmed.

One of the facial styles experts, Eileen Rose has been working on trimming facial fuzz of men since 28 years and she knows well the likings of men in terms of beard.

She said, “We get men, both young and old, that come in to get their beards trimmed. With the younger men they tend to want goatees more than full beards”.

Though Rose is a fan of men with beard, a study conducted by electric shaver Company Philips revealed that 72% of the women like clean shaven guys, while 43% were of the view that men with beard look more dazzling. Another one in four disliked the designer beard and one in ten women had no problem from beards and moustaches.

The likings of beard among women differ from state to state. The women in South Australia prefer guys with trimmed beard or moustache, Victorian women like stubble beard and women from Queensland are fond of full-grown beard.