Christchurch Coping With the Remains of Earthquake

Post the massive earthquake that has rocked Christchurch today, the reports claim that the number of minor injuries has been increasing consistently. However, the number of seriously injured has only been two so far.

Reports claim that people are flocking the medical centers today to get the treatment for the injuries.

The earthquake was of a high magnitude that resulted in the collapse of the buildings, crushing of the cars and the closure of the roads, however, miraculously there are only two reports of serious injuries. In the Christchurch Hospital, only one grave injury of a 50-year-old man, who is in the ICU, was reported. The second has been witnessed of a man who has suffered severe cuts and broke limbs.

Further, the authorities are urging people to only visit the Emergency Department, in case of a very serious injury. The non serious injuries are being treated on the visits to the after-hours surgeries, subject to the fact if more medical aid is needed.

As confirmed by the Canterbury District Health Board Spokeswoman Michele Hider, the three after-hour surgeries in Christchurch have been coping well with the rush.

On issues relating to water and sewerage management, Ms. Hider also added, "As emphasized by Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker today, health issues relating to water and sewerage are now the most pressing".