Radiographers Call off Strike As Massive Earthquake Hits Christchurch

The latest reports confirm that the radiographers have called off their strike post a massive earthquake that has struck 30 km west of Christchurch. The magnitude of the earthquake has been estimated to be 7.4 and it hit today at the 4.35 am. Further, the depth of the earthquake is recorded to be 10 km.

As per the earlier reports, due to the failure of the talks at the last moment between the District Health Board (DHB) representatives and the radiographers, the latter walked off their jobs yesterday. The cause for the fall out of the talks is believed to be the freezing of a negotiation deadlock contract.

Further, the radiographers were to hold a partial strike today as well; however, in the wake of the earthquake and the rampant damage, the radiographers decided to work so as to give the required help after the calamity.

The members of the radiographers' union Apex also confirmed that they had given their consent to be available and provide the services for the life-preserving and limb-preserving work.

The area hit by the earthquake has undergone immense damage as structural damages and gas leaks have been reported. Also, power cuts, rupturing of the mains of water and sewerage, with many injuries have been caused due to the earthquake.