Apple to unveil new ipod nano

One of the world's largest IT company- Apple is all set to launch a new upgraded version of its most loved product. As ipod Nano will experience a face lift wherein the new product will have a touchscreen and will almost half the size of its existing version. It is also said that the new version of ipod will be 42 per cent lighter in weight.

Being upgraded to a touch censors, the familiar touchwheel will be warded off form the product. This step by the company is part of a bigger overhauling exercise of the entire ipod range of the company.

However the new product will have the same high-definition retina display screen as the iPhone. It also has a front-facing camera. Besides this it also sports features like volume buttons, VoiceOver, FM radio, Nike+, a pedometer.

Touted as the biggest change in the ipod line-up ever this new product is embedded to work in 29 different languages.

Besides ipod, even the iphone users will also have a software update that will enable its users to upload high-definition video over WiFi. This means that when people will click photos from their iphone the new software saves three slightly different copies that leads into a sharper image.