UK’s Environment Scientist: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Steeped rather Than Declining

The Government's Chief Environment Scientist said that the UK's greenhouse gas emissions, in the past two decade, have only steeped, which is due to the carbon that is embedded in goods that are imported from other nations.

Professor, Bon Watson, while speaking in a documentary, that is to be broadcasted on BBC Radio 4 in the subsequent week, said that gave more transparency regarding the rise in emissions was needed, that is generated by products that are manufactured in nations like China however are meant for the nation.

As per the existing system of counting or measuring emissions, greenhouse gases that are created while goods are going through manufacturing process, are measured in the nations where they are made.

Consequently, the actual amount of emissions that are caused by the nation is clouded since many goods are consumed in the country, but imported from other countries.

Professor Watson stated that at face value, emissions in the UK seem to have lessened by 15% to 16%, ever since the year 1990.

However, the carbon that comes along with imports, if calculated, then the emission levels if recorded in the UK shoot up to 12% more, so it becomes necessary to talk about in openly.