Hand Transplant Surgery Blesses a Man with Both the Hands

Hand transplant surgery blessed a man with hands which he had lost in a fire.

Richard Edwards, 55, underwent hand transplant surgery a week ago, which took 18 hours to complete. The operation was performed at Jewish Hospital in Louisville.

The man made public appearance on Thursday and reflected his gladness over the surgery. He is the third man of the country who got double hand transplants. The surgery was performed by doctors with Kleinert Kutz & Associates and Jewish hospital.

Mr. Edward is a chiropractor from Edmond, Oklahoma, USA. In a fire that his truck caught in 2006, he got his both hands burnt. His seven finders got damaged in the accident, but not much of his hands got harmed.

As told by the doctors, Mr. Edward is showing good recovery, as they successfully transmitted his nerves into the donor hands.

Edward expressed to Louisville Courier-Journal, he felt so very good and thanked doctors for providing him new hands. He said, “I'm feeling very blessed and thankful for having a new pair of hands".

There were tears in Mr. Edward’s eyes when at the news conference he owed gratitude towards his wife, donor family and doctors while using both his hands.

The state of burnt hands of Mr. Edward was not that bad and much of the hands were retained, so he was able to make speedy recovery, as expressed by Dr. Warren Breidenbach.