According to a Survey, Smokers Are Not Accepted Anymore

A new survey published on Easyroommate. co. uk, has revealed that 38% of the landlords do not tolerate smoking and would not allow their tenants to smoke in their properties, whereas only 7% of the landlords would give their properties to a smoker, or allow the tenant to smoke at their dwelling.

The survey also included information about smokers, who do not find any accommodation, and end up living in a non-smoking property. Six out of every 10 smokers would find no choice, but to settle for a non-smoking place, whereas a third of this number would quit temporarily, if not at all, in order to find a proper rent.

The reason behind the landowners being intolerant towards smoking is not mere bias, but the fact that smoking increases the risk of the property catching fire and if there is furniture, it might face irreparable damage. In addition, the smoke might be irritating for some non-smoker landowners.

Moreover, landowners believe that having a smoker as a tenant would ultimately reduce the landowner's potential in finding another resident to share the accommodation with the smoker. The survey confirmed this information stating that 1 out every 5 tenants would accept to have a smoker roommate.

Jonathan Moore, Director of Easyroommate. co. uk, commented on the results saying, "There have been a strong shift in attitudes towards smoking, and the tolerance levels of smokers since the smoking ban. Smoker-friendly accommodation has been squeezed as a result".