VMware introduces new products to boost cloud tech use

Virtualization software provider VMware used its annual VM World 2010 meet in San Francisco to unveil new products that would encourage companies to adopt cloud computing as a service.

One of the three products unveiled by the company includes VMware vCloud Director, which is a model for delivering & consuming technology services across different cloud computing platforms. The other two products are VMware vCloud Datacenter Services and VMware vShield product, which offer secure cloud computing services and tackle security challenges, respectively.

VMware claimed that the announced products would provide enterprises and service providers with an opportunity to get benefited from cloud computing while maintaining the control and liberty of choice of the technology they require.

The company also said that it’s Cloud Application Platform, which builds and deploys applications that has grown up around the SpringSource Java framework, would finally embrace other programming languages such as PHP, Ruby-on-Rails and perhaps .NET.

Speaking on the topic, VMware vice president of SpringSource product management Shaun Connolly said, "But we want to set the foundation for laying in other languages such as Ruby on Rails and PHP, which are two of the more popular."

The company also said that products and services they launched would deliver the agility and economies of the cloud while ensuring security as well as quality.

More than 17,000 attendees were present at the meet to learn, share and demonstrate virtualization and hybrid cloud computing practices plus technologies that facilitate technology products and applications to be delivered as a service.