Priority Inbox gives priority to important messages, bug attacks

Google’s newly announced mail-organizing tool, Priority Inbox, is a great time saving feature as it distinguishes most important messages from tons of unnecessary emails.

Internet search giant’s new service automatically gives priority to the most important emails by delineating important mail from spam, unnecessary mails and everything like that.

Priority Inbox gets a sense of what is important for the users at a particular time by looking at users prior actions, such as which messages a user has read, starred or deleted.

The company said that less time sifting through an e-mail would provide people with more time.

According to the Keith Coleman, the Gmail director, there are several signals in any message that point to the importance of the message. Basic signals include if this message is from someone a user write to a lot or reply to a lot. Some words also indicate towards junk mails. For instance, if a message contains the word ‘Viagra’, it points to a junk mail.

Yahoo Mail already has a similar feature, which shows you top e-mails from known contacts on its What's New page. Windows Live Hotmail has its Sweep feature that allows users to tackle newsletter overload and all that.

But, reports suggest that a very irritating bug that plays an old ragtime tune has seized Gmail, after the company launched its ‘Priority Inbox’ feature earlier this week.

A user complained on the company’s email forum, “Whenever I sign into my Gmail using Chrome, music automatically starts playing. This is a new issue. It's like old time dance music.”

Google confirmed that it was aware of the bug and trying to get rid of it.