Apple announces new and revamped products

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs yesterday, on September 1, used company’s media event in San Francisco to introduce new and revamped products.

The technology company announced second-generation Apple TV, new iPods and a new iTunes feature at its special media event on Wednesday.

The new Apple TV, which is around 80 per cent smaller than the predecessor, connects to a television through a HDMI cable and let users watch HD movies and TV shows in comfortable living rooms.

The new Apple TV has integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. It is capable of pulling content wirelessly from a PC or Mac. The new Apple TV also comes equipped with an Ethernet jack on the back to allow a wired connection. Content starts streaming over the Internet just a few seconds after clicking on it. The tiny black Apple TV will be available this month for $199.

The new iPod Nano received the most sweeping makeover. The company has replaced the conventional click-wheel with a touch screen on the player, which is about all-screen in appearance and square in shape. The company has also included a radio, but the device lacks camera.

The smallest iPod, the Shuffle, with no screen, will once more come with buttons to make it easier to use. It may be noted here that the current model is button-less. It has been priced at $49.

Apple CEO also unveiled a new social-media feature, Ping, for their iTunes software. Ping allows users to establish profiles and send messages to friends. Users will be able to know which songs their friends are listening to. In addition, users will be able to see a list of top 10 songs downloaded among their friends circle.

Apple also unveiled iOS 4.1, the new version of the OS for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The newest version has a photo process, known as High Dynamic Range, to produce clearer photos and GameCenter for group play of video games. It will be rolled out for free for existing iPhone and iPod Touch users next week.