RCMP Plays a Rescuer to Teen Boy: Successful in Saving Life

An officer from RCMP took a leap over the side ferryboat in central Manitoba, so that, a teen aged boy, who jumped off into the river could be rescued.

The instance took place on Monday, which was around 4: 30 pm on the Bloodvein River, which is almost 250 kilometers north the Winnipeg, which is on the east side of Lake Winnipeg.

As per the information provided by police, a 17 year old male travelling in the ferryboat, likely to have been under the influence intoxication, had been threatening to jump out of the boat when it was in the middle of the river.

The captain steering the ferry turned the boat around and came back to the quay where two members from Bloodvein RCMP met him.

While the officers tried to gather information from the boy, he retaliated and without taking any extra time, jumped into the river.

Kevin Elliott, RCMP Cpl, who had been wearing inflatable life vest, almost abruptly leapt over the side, jumping into the water after teen, so as to rescue him, as informed by Spokesperson for RCMP, Const., Miles Hiebert.

Elliott said that he did so only because he felt that the boy was struggling to keep afloat.