Private Surgical Clinic to Reduce the Waiting Lists

The plan of the Saskatchewan Government to carry on with the contentious health innovation by establishing a private surgical clinic is being criticized by the opponents.

The NDP Opposition is in rage over the private set up of a clinic, which they think would bring Americanization into the province’s health system. But, the situation is not as frightening, as it seems because Regina's Omni Surgery Centre would only carry out dental and arthroscopic knee surgery on patients, who have been in waiting for months.

Such a service enables patients to access services free of cost or at relatively cheaper rates and also relieves them of the burden of being enlisted in waiting. The surgeries will be reserved through the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region. The knee surgery at Omni will cost province $179 less than at other hospitals and the dental surgeries will be $76 cheaper.

Till the next spring, Omni is being expected to conduct 300 to 500 procedures and the process will be appraised by Health Minister Don McMorris. After that, other clinics will be allowed to bid for third-party surgeries.

The health region’s deal with Omni aims at reducing the waiting time by three months by the end of 2014; the problem, which is being faced by 30% of the region’s patients.