Boil-Water Advisory to Soon Lift up

An advisory is said to have been issued on Aug. 20 while during routine testing, water in a reservoir tested positive for E. coli. Pigeon droppings reportedly were the cause behind the contamination, EPCOR, the owner and operator of the reservoir remarked.

But, the good news is that some, three tests that were carried out in the past three days are said to have showed practically no signs of E.Coli.

"I think all of us here would be very, very happy if we found some sort of intrusion, something that we can fix and address. We haven't found that yet”, said Dave Rector, Director of water services for EPCOR.

While reviewing six wells and three reservoirs, it was found out that the low reservoir at Merklin Street just off North Bluff Road was the only reservoir that had been contaminated.

The result for the fourth and last test carried out is yet to come, and the outcome will further demonstrate the prospects. Some thorough sampling had been done which failed to identify E. coli bacteria in a city reservoir, a few days back. So now, it is likely that the residents will soon be made free of the boil-water advisory, which they have been following for nearly two weeks now.

Tim le Riche, Spokesman for water-utility Company Epcor said that after the results for the fourth test would be out, they would then be able to decide if the boil-water advisory could be lifted.