High-Fat Diet during Puberty Increases Risk of Breast Cancer

As revealed by a recent research conducted by Michigan State University's Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center, girls should be cautious of their diet during puberty, as diet including higher concentration of fat can aggravate the risk of breast cancer in them, later in life.

The findings of the study are an outcome of an introductory research, which is being carried forward further by Sandra Haslam, Physiology Professor and Director of the center; along with Richard Schwartz, Microbiology Professor and Associate Dean in the College of Natural Science.

Haslam stated that during the puberty stage only, the basic structure of mammary gland develops. The preliminary study was carried out on animals.

He added, “A high-fat diet during puberty can lead to the production of inflammatory products in the mammary glands of adults, which can promote cancer growth".

The researchers also took the help of their past research, in which they discovered that hormone progesterone entices genes to initiate inflammation in the mammary gland. The similar effect was found of taking a high-fat diet during puberty, which could be a threat to develop breast cancer.

For confirmation of the concluding, the researchers will examine the risk of breast cancer associated with the consumption of high-fat diet during puberty on two different mouse models.