Scotland Branded as Britain’s ‘Sick Man’

Officially, Scotland has earned the name of ‘sick man’ of Britain after it was compared with other home nations and was found with the uppermost level of inhabitants having association with smoking, obesity, drinking and diseases.

A study that has been complied for SNP ministers discovered that a majority of populace in Scotland suffered from heart ailments or diabetes, which was higher than what was seen in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Scotland offered an upper level in the count of alcoholics amongst both the genders in comparison to south of the Border, whilst a majority of proportion of men and women were also smokers.

Scotts fetched poor grades as far as consuming fresh fruits and vegetables was concerned, with a mere one-fifth of the populace consuming the suggested food items.

Over two-thirds of men in Scotland are considered to be weighing more than they should.

A mixture of the factors clearly means that it tends to cut the life of people shorter in Scotland, regardless of the standard amount of similar level of physical activity that people do in England and Scotland.

Public Health Minister of Scotland, Shona Robinson said that the nation had historically an awful health track record.