A Third ‘Spare the Air’ Alert Issued for Bay Area

As there is likelihood of pollutants in the air to get increased and thus air becoming detrimental, the Bay Area has called for a third ‘Spare the Air’ alert of the season for Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the forecasters projected a gradual rise in the temperature in the 90s in inland valleys due to the smoke of cars and factories adding to the ozone and thus creating smog.

The motorists have been advised by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to help in alleviating the pollutants in the air by contributing voluntarily through using vehicles less and making reductions in the other polluting activities. People have also been recommended not to exercise during the time like afternoon when the smog is at an enhanced level.

There is possibility that one more Spare the Air alert could be called on Thursday, in anticipation of the temperature reaching three digits at some sites of Bay Area.

Curt Spalding, administrator of EPA’s New England office, said, "With more hot weather predicted on Wednesday and Thursday this week, there will likely be unhealthy air quality days in many parts of New England”.

The areas that would become hot the maximum include Connecticut, all Rhode Island, southeastern and central into northeastern Massachusetts, southeastern New Hampshire, and coastal Maine.

Due to the hot weather, it is expected that the electricity consumption will increase. Thus, EPA is urging people to keep its usage at the minimal rate by suggesting various alternatives.