U.S. Researchers Say More Teen Girls Risking Hearing Abilities by Listening to Loud Music

Researchers in the United States have been able to establish that teen girls who keep listening to music on their personal players too loudly are at the risk of losing their hearing ability.

The study that was carried out followed 8,710 girls belonging to the lower middle class families, where their standard age was 16. The initial test that they had to undergo was when they entered a housing facility in the northeastern United States.

Audiologist, Abbey Berg of Pace University in New York, in an online issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health report, wrote that high frequency hearing loss, which is a very common result due to excessive noise exposure, was a case that mounted amongst teens from 10.1% in the year 1985 to 19.2% seen in the year 2009.

Berg said that it was not surprising for him to notice that the teen girls with the high frequency hearing loss made use of personal music devices to listen to music and due to stretched periods of listening to music every day, they felt a continuous ringing sound in their ears.

Also, he said that such teens might as well face problems while they attend their classes due to low on hearing ability.