Khan Kinetic Treatment to Treat Spine Related Problems

A new option is now available for all the patients to consider before surgery, the option being a high-tech alternative therapy spine related problems.

Dr. Aslam Khan, an orthopedic surgeon from Canada is said to have come up with this non-invasive technology, namely the Khan Kinetic Treatment (KKT). This medical achievement utilizes low frequency sound waves for the realignment and restoration of the spine to its natural position while regenerating tissue.

Surprisingly, this technique is a painless effort and can be done, while the tissue is being regenerated.

It has been seen that people suffer from spine related problems after having met with accidents, sudden falls, postural abnormalities, sports, genetic pre-disposition, herniated disks, neck and back pain, stress, osteoarthritis, headaches and sciatica etc.

Dr. Aslam Khan, Chairman and CEO of KKT International Centre for Spine said “The treatment helps in gentle repositioning of vertebrae, functional restoration of the central nervous system and cellular bio-synthesis which is responsible for restoring and regenerating worn or damaged disks”.

This fresh technique involving X-rays of the cervical (neck) spine is likely to help people get rid of the pain fully or partially. The doctors are then said to examine the reports and use some sound frequencies to tackle the distortions in the spine that the patient suffers.