Eating Disorder Rising; Funds Granted for Research and Workshops

Eating-disorder is a troublesome ailment for many people nowadays. It has been surveyed that amongst the people between 18 to 22 years of age, more than 72% wish to lose some weight.

Now, to grant some help to them, a sum of $129,000 of the State Government money will be given to the eating-disorder help groups so that all the Queenslanders suffering from body image problems can get some aid.

Also, Disability Services Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk announced that with an aim to research more over how to efficiently deal with young people undergoing self-esteem troubles, the Eating Disorders Association will be given $100,000.

Workshops will be organized by Isis - The Eating Issues Centre targeting school children and a fund of $29,000 will be granted for the same.

Besides this, the Gloucestershire Eating Disorders Team is also making efforts to do its bit for the people undergoing this ailment. It is planning to bring all such people together and share their experiences. This is a new support group that has been introduced recently in the country.

It will target the teenagers or the younger population, of the age 18 or under, who are suffering from an eating disorder. The team will help them understand the ailment, live with it and also help to overcome it.